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How To Keep Your Vehicle Sanitized

With rising health concerns, it’s no wonder you’d be worried about how to disinfect your vehicle. If you use your car almost daily for trips to work or the stores, it’s sure to pick up some germs along the way. Here are some tips to keep your car as clean possible to keep you and your loved ones safe.

First, keep your vehicle’s interior as free from trash or unnecessary objects as possible. The more cluttered your car is, the harder it will be to keep it clean. Vacuum the floorboards and underneath seats to minimize debris.

Next, it’s important to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant cloths or spray down with a disinfectant aerosol. This includes wiping and disinfecting all plastic, vinyl & leather surfaces. That goes for the seats, dashboard, doors and every other crack and crevice you discover in your car.

You may want to show some extra attention to some of the grimiest areas in your car: under the floormats, cupholders, steering wheel, gear shift, dashboard air vents, door handles and all other frequently-touched areas. Because we tend to leave objects in the trunk for extended periods of time, trunks also have a higher concentration of germs. If possible, shampoo and steam all carpeted surfaces.

Last, it’s time to tackle the exterior. A good car wash will leave your car clean on the outside and looking fresh for the road ahead.

Most household cleaning items will also work in your vehicle without running it. Make sure the alcohol content in your disinfecting products is at least 70%. If you don’t have these products or are worried about damaging your vehicle, a washcloth with soap and water will also work to diminish germs and other harmful bacteria. If using soap, scrub gently and avoid dousing your fabric surfaces with water and suds.

To keep your car in the best condition, it’s important to repeat this process every 2-3 weeks. We recommend keeping a package of disinfectant wipes with you to wipe surfaces before and after each drive. These sanitization procedures are time-consuming, but taking these precautions goes a long way to ensure you and your passenger’s safety. If you want the ultimate peace of mind, you can always opt for a professional detail and disinfectant service.