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Keep Your Car Running Like New

How Can You Keep Your Honda Running Like New?

What’s the Secret to Like-New Drives?

Did you just buy a Honda vehicle? Then you already know you’ll want to keep the smooth exhilaration running in peak condition for many years and miles ahead (like 200k+). Thankfully, the secret is as simple as keeping up with your Honda maintenance schedule—but are you curious about where to begin or what services to prioritize? We have you covered with our guide today—stick with us and schedule your Honda repair service and maintenance online at Westshore Honda in Tampa, FL.

Stick to the Schedule—The Maintenance Schedule

When you’re starting your Honda service, you’ll usually get maintenance minders in your instrument cluster to help ensure you never miss an important mileage marker. However, one of the most critical services involves an oil change every 7,500 – 10,000 miles. By replacing this fluid, you lubricate your motor, which reduces the friction between the metal components, helping you prolong your engine life. Plus, if you ever take your Civic Type R to the track or embark on a legendary road trip with your Pilot, an oil change can also help keep your powertrain properly cooled.

Next, keep your tire tread in peak shape. For an easy trick, insert a penny head-first into a tire groove—if you see the top of Lincoln’s head, you’ll usually want new tires to help you grip to the road and stop more effortlessly. Also, don’t forget about a tire rotation, which helps your tires wear evenly to assist you in boosting your fuel economy and performance.

For our next tip, keep an eye on your ride’s fluids. Specifically, you’ll want our technicians to top off your liquids for your brakes, power steering, transmission, and coolant to help you cruise with precision and comfort.

Playing It Safe: Get Diagnostic Tested

Even if everything feels smooth, it’s still a good idea to schedule a diagnostic test with your next service. In fact, you have virtually nothing to lose since this test literally takes less than two minutes—and when it’s done, the system can find hidden problems, like a misfiring cylinder that could make your car undrivable if ignored. Sometimes, finding a mild issue like a cracked gas cap can even help you add a few miles to your fuel economy to assist you in saving at the pump.

Premier Honda Care Awaits: Start near Brandon

Are you eager to help your Honda model cruise in peak condition well beyond the 100K mark on your odometer? Schedule your service at Westshore Honda near Clearwater, FL. For questions, feel free to ask our team nearly anything, as we’re happy to let you know what type of oil is best or if your ride requires any recommended treatments—and that’s only the start of how we can put your needs first.